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Bowls. All the rage in the early 1900s, it was utterly perplexing what an ice cream vendor should do when he ran out at the World's Fair. Lucky for you, a neighboring booth was peddling waffles. A lightbulb illuminates! A rolled-up waffle, the perfect cone! A carefully balled scoop found its host, and the idea of the Drumstick® cone was seeded.

Nearly two-and-a-half decades later, a timeframe some in the time may have said was moving fast, the Drumstick® was officially born.

Reclining on its laurels, The Original cone stood alone for decades. Deliciousness happened, ask your grandparents.

Expected? Maybe. Accurate? Of course. The Forever Summer campaign launches and reiterates what you already know... every bite brings a cascade of summer nostalgia.

The chocolatey nugget, ever-growing in its popularity, swept the nation. A frenzy! The Drumstick® P.O. Box flooded with requests for even more chocolatey nugget. And then came the tweets. Harangued by the obsessed, we caved. We entered the lab, and out with us came the Super Nugget. A cone deserving of its name.

Across a painstaking day and a half, the first documented Drumstick® tattoo was inked onto its host.

*Note: There is nothing to suggest that this is true. There is also nothing of note to suggest it is not. What do you believe?

Shortly after logging on to Twitter, Drumstick® won a Shorty award for its #GetConed campaign. On second thought... launching this campaign in April may not have been our best idea.

A record-breaking 8,382,192 lbs. of peanuts were chopped and placed atop Drumstick® cones. To put that in context... that's one peanut per second for approximately 97 days. Feel free to break brains with that fun factoid.

The good Dr. Umstick graces us with his love for sundae cones. Oh, you have yet to make his acquaintance, you say?