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Drumstick Our Story 1904

So it's the early 1900's. Ice cream bowls are everywhere. You're at the 1904 World's Fair slinging ice cream until, wait, no more bowls. What to do. You see a guy selling waffles at the next booth, and you think a crazy thought. Roll up a waffle, delicious scoop goes on top, boom. World, prepare to meet the Drumstick® cone. Drumstick® cone, prepare to meet the world.​

Drumstick OurStory 1928

Time goes on, as it does. Cones be cone-ing, as they do. And a couple decades later, the Drumstick® officially debuted on the scene.​

The years went by, and The OG cone was taking care of business. Drumstick® was moving cones and making smiles.



Cue the Disco ball and strap on your roller skates – Drumstick turned 50! There were a lot of cool cats in questionable outfits at our birthday bash, but even in the 70's, the sundae cones were the life of the party.​



It's standing room only in the town square, because we're here for a coronation. We introduced the world to the King Cone, and it's been ruling the kingdom of flavor ever since.​




Sometimes an idea is so simple. So perfect. So delicious. It's honestly crazy it hasn't been around forever. The world's most obvious light bulb went off, and Simply Dipped blessed the freezer with its simplest pleasure..

Drumstick OurStory 2000s

The marketing team put their minds together and thought, "Drumstick tastes like summer...if summer were like...forever?" And just like that, The Forever Summer campaign was born, and a room full of people exchanged a lot of handshakes.​



Sometimes to think big, you've got to think small. We shrunk our thinking caps and launched Lil' Drums® – the next lil' big thing. Because it's the lil' things in life that mean the most.​.

Drumstick OurStory 2011

People love the chocolatey nugget. And they write to us about it. A lot. At first we're like, why are you so obsessed with us? But then we're like, ok. You like chocolatey nugget? We give you...chocolatey SUPER NUGGET. We introduced the Super Nugget cone, and people still wrote us letters.​

Drumstick OurStory 2016

We showed that we're really about this #TwitterLife when we won a Shorty award for our #GetConed campaign. Twitter fingers turned to sundae fingers.



Every innovation has its moment. Even if it’s a mini moment. A mini snack that turned out to make big chocolatey waves. We gave the world Mini Drums™, so people can always have their own mini moment of bliss.



Cookies are really good. Drumstick is really, really good. So what if...we covered Drumstick, in cookies? I think we just Crushed It. And that's what we'll call it! We introduced the genius of Crushed It! cones.​


Drumstick OurStory 2021

We chopped up and placed a record-breaking 8,382,192 lbs. of peanuts on top of Drumstick cones. To put that in context, that's "hella" peanuts.


Drumstick OurStory 2022

We introduced the world's foremost expert on all things sundae cones, the good Dr. Umstick. With a new tagline, "Another Day, Another Drumstick", Dr. Umstick prescribed delicious frozen treats for everyone, everyday.​


For the first time ever, Drumstick was served up in a bowl. The Super Bowl, that is. We brought our cones to the biggest bowl of them all, with our first ever Super Bowl commercial.