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Photo of Drumstick Limited Edition Peppermint, Peppermint Fudge and Chocolate Peppermint cones in retail packaging.
Limited Edition Variety Pack

Limited Edition Peppermint Variety Pack

Brrrrr, it's cold get it. Enjoy this peppermint party while you can.

Sundae Cone Flavors

Tis the season for our Limited Edition Peppermint sundae cones!

Flavor Profile

Drumstick Flavor profile bar - 4/6 full
Drumstick Flavor profile bar - 4/6 full
Drumstick Flavor profile bar - 2/6 full

Goes Well With

White car and drive-in movie screen on a blue background
White convertible on a blue background
White person waterskiing on a blue background
Image of no artificial flavors or colors added colors from natural sources.
Image of Kosher product claim.

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