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A box of 12 Drumstick Lil' Drums snack-size Vanilla with Fudge and Vanilla with Caramel cones
Variety Pack

Lil' Drums® Sundae Cones - Vanilla with Fudge Swirls and Vanilla with Caramel Swirls

Not too big, not too small– the perfect anytime snack size! These Lils are mixed with loads of chocolatey, caramelly goodness! Just remember to share.

Sundae Cone Flavors

The Original Sundae Cone® in snack size! Topped with roasted peanuts and fudge or caramel swirls. 

Flavor Profile

Drumstick Flavor profile bar - 4/6 full
Drumstick Flavor profile bar - 4/6 full
Drumstick Flavor profile bar - 4/6 full

Goes Well With

White putter and golf ball playing mini-golf on a blue background
Mini Golf
White a swimming pool & ladder on a blue background
People crowd surfing at a concert on a blue background
Rock Concerts
product claim no artificial flavors or colors
product claim kosher

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