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A box of 20 Drumstick Mini Drums Vanilla cones
Mini Cone

Mini Drums™ Vanilla Sundae Cones

The Original Sundae Cone®, miniaturized! Go ahead and share these mini sundae cones or keep them all to yourself. Drumstick® Mini Drums™ are the perfect fun size cones to satisfy all your snacking needs - big or small.

Flavor Profile

Drumstick Flavor profile bar - 4/6 full
Drumstick Flavor profile bar - 3/6 full
Drumstick Flavor profile bar - 3/6 full

Goes Well With

White sunbathing lounge chair on a blue background
White bumper car on a blue background
Bumper Cars
White image of a hiker on a blue background
product claim no artificial flavors or colors
product claim kosher

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