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Drumstick Vanilla Fudge cones in retail packaging.
America's Favorite Sundae Cone

Vanilla Fudge Sundae Cone 4 Pack

Rich fudge fills the creamy vanilla center in this classic sundae cone. Topped with roasted peanuts and finished off with a delicious chocolatey nugget, this one will knock your socks off (or sandals)!

Flavor Profile

Drumstick Flavor profile bar - 5/6 full
Drumstick Flavor profile bar - 4/6 full
Drumstick Flavor profile bar - 4/6 full

Goes Well With

White fireworks on a blue background
White skeeball game on a blue background
White Boardwalks on a blue background
Image of no artificial flavors or colors added colors from natural sources.
Image of Kosher product claim.

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