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Sundae Cone Recipes

Try this insanely delicious carrot cake topped with Mini Drums™

Thanksgiving Recipe

Drumstick® Mini Drums™ Turkey Platter

How many Mini Drums™ does it take to create a turkey masterpiece?

Photo of Drumstick mini drums decorated as turkey with candy corn.
Photo of drumstick mini drums decorated as reindeer in glass glass with red, green and white sprinkles with Drumstick lil drums in retail packaging in background.
Holiday Recipe

Drumstick® Lil Drums® Reindeer

Liven up the holidays with this Lil Drums® recipe and you'll be ready to jingle all the way to snack town!

Summer Recipe

Drumstick® Mini Drums™ Carrot Cake

Mini Drums™ is the best way to add some fun to a classic carrot cake

Photo of Drumstick mini drums sundae cones decorating carrot cake.