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Lil' Drums® Reindeers

A fun recipe delivering holiday cheer! Some may say it makes the spirit glow.


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10 Minutes

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10 Minutes


Drumstick® Lil’ Drums® Chocolate and Vanilla Sundae Cones


Red M&M’s

Holiday sprinkles 

Small clear cups


Step 1

Carefully break pretzels in half to create reindeer-like antlers.


Step 2

Stick one pretzel antler into each side of the Drumstick® Lil’ Drums® Sundae Cones sundae tops, then push a red M&M into the center of the sundae to give the Lil’ Drums® Reindeer a red nose.


Step 3

Pour holiday sprinkles into small clear cups and stick each Lil’ Drums® Reindeer into the middle of the sprinkles to hold the cone upright.


Step 4