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It's your favorite food group: Ice Cream!

And like any food group, it's important to manage your portions.

Half tennis ball half chocolate scoop
The scoop on portions

A scoop should be about the size of a tennis ball

A portion is how much you choose to enjoy when you eat it, which is not always what's suggested on the label. We know, super delicious, it's hard to stop! But it's important to enjoy in moderation.

How to dish it

Serving dishes are helpful when measuring portion sizes.

Use a small coffee mug or tall skinny glass to measure your servings properly. You can always come back for seconds!

yellow coffee mug on yellow background
bowl of chocolate ice cream, fresh berries and mint
What a pairing

It's fun AND tasty to pair with fruit or nuts

Exercise can also help maintain a balanced diet, so get the family moving! Everyone loves to come home to a fresh scoop of ice cream following some fun in the sun!