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Ice Cream History

And it's got a tasty story, too.

Once upon a time...

5th Century B.C.

Ancient Greeks enjoy a dessert similar to ice cream. And this is where our story begins!

scoop of ice cream on a cone on a pedestal
sailing ship with ice cream logo on sails
Ice cream, ho!


Marco Polo brings an early form of ice cream to Europe. We imagine the popular pool game started with ice cream-craving fans searching in the night for Marco! (Polo!)

Ooo, fancy!


Ice Cream is introduced to America as a delicacy enjoyed by high society due to its expensive ingredients and lack of available refrigerators.

pink scoop of ice cream on a cone sitting on a throne
Open for business!


America's first ice cream parlor opens its doors in New York. And you thought lines were bad today...




A labor of love!


Now that's what we call mass production. The ice cream churn is invented, and now we can make ice cream by the bucket!

old fashioned ice cream makes with churn
ice cream cones as chimney stacks
What a wonderous place!


Doors open to one of the sweetest buildings ever - the very first ice cream plant.

Now that's a scoop!


Get your fixin's and grab your bowls! The ice cream sundae is born.

ice cream sundae with chocolate syrup, rainbow sprinkles and cherry
Well hello, Drumstick®!


Rumor has it, the waffle cone makes its debut at the world's fair in St. Louis, Mo. after an ice cream vendor ran out of bowls. Good thing the waffle maker stepped in to help!

Things got rocky!


William Dreyer and Joseph Edy create Rocky Road ice cream! It joins vanilla, chocolate and strawberry as most widely available flavors.

Dreyer's ice cream carton
vanilla ice cream with caramel syrup on calendar
Start the fireworks!


July is declared National Ice Cream Month, but you can still enjoy it all year long!

For the love of ice cream


90% of freezers in the USA are chilling ice cream, making it the best selling treat in America next to cookies!

broken chocolate chip cookie