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Mini Drums™ Carrot Cake

Vegetable? On a dessert? Don't let the name fool you, this carrot cake is much more than mini fun!


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Active Time

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1 Hour

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1 Hour

Total Time

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2 Hours


6 Drumstick® Mini Drums™ Vanilla

1 carrot cake 

2 cups cream cheese frosting 

2 cups buttercream frosting, divided 

Green food coloring 

Orange food coloring 


Step 1

Bake your favorite three layer carrot cake. Layer each cake with a layer of cream cheese frosting in between. Cover the whole cake in a cream cheese frosting. 


Step 2

Using two medium bowls divide the buttercream frosting in half. Add 3 drops of green food coloring to one bowl and 3 drops of orange food coloring to the other. Mix both separately until fully combined.  


Step 3

Place Mini Drums™ evenly on the top of the cake, 1 per slice.


Step 4

Decorate the Mini Drums™ by using a piping bag, pipe green frosting onto the ice cream mound.


Step 5

Pipe orange frosting on the Mini Drums™ cones to decorate mini carrots on top of the cake. Serve immediately and enjoy!