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Remixing since forever.


Reinvent, reimagine, remix.​
Old and new, familiar and unfamiliar,​
Taking the sweet things seriously,​
And making the beloved even more loved.​
That’s what Dreyer's has always been about.​

​Whether your Saturday nights are a bit out of the ordinary,​
Or you like adding a little something extra to your dessert,​
At Dreyer's, we respect the remix,​
And we're right there with you.


​Showing that the tough times can also be sweet?​
We did that with Rocky Road.​​

Proving that both cookies and cream are better together?​
What can we say, we’re a good matchmaker.​

​And now, doing Rocky Road and vanilla in an entirely new way?​
We don’t mean to brag, but when we’re good, we’re good.​

​This is who we are and what we’ve done.​

Since forever.​

Remixing since forever.



In 1928, ice cream maker William Dreyer and candy maker Joseph Edy opened an ice cream shop together in Oakland, California. They soon made history with deliciously inventive flavors like the Original Rocky Road. Families gathered at the scoop shop for guaranteed good times and their favorite flavors. Four generations later, we are still devoted to making the richest, creamiest ice cream the whole family can enjoy.