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Almond Butter & Grape Smoothie

Creamy, smooth, and widely approved!


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4 Minutes

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1 Minute

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5 Minutes


Outshine® Grape Frozen Fruit Bar

1 cup almond milk

1 frozen banana

1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt

1 tablespoon almond butter



Drizzle of almond butter

1 teaspoon shredded almonds


Step 1

Combine Outshine® Grape Frozen Fruit Bar, almond milk, banana, yogurt, and almond butter in a blender. Blend until smooth.

Almond Butter Grape Smoothie Ingredients 1

Step 2

Pour smoothie into a glass and top with a drizzle of almond butter and shredded almonds. Enjoy!


Two Glasses of Almond Butter Grape Smoothies