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Ice Cream Frosted Cupcakes

How do you improve your favorite cupcake? Pipe in some ice cream, of course!


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Active Time

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1 Hour

Inactive Time

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15 Minutes

Total Time

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75 Minutes


Dreyer's Vanilla ice cream, Edy's® Vanilla ice cream, or your favorite flavor

A piping bag (or large, zip-sealing plastic bag)

Colorful sprinkles

Your favorite cupcake recipe


Step 1

Make your favorite cupcake recipe according the package directions.


Step 2

Scoop ice cream into a piping bag or plastic bag. If using a plastic bag, press all of the ice cream into one corner of the bag and cut off the tip.


Step 3

Squeeze the piping bag over the top of the cupcakes to "ice" them, and then cover with fun, colorful sprinkles!