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Ice Cream Marshmallow Sheep

Baaahhhh. That's the sound of you counting the marshmallows going into your mouth.


the number 12


vertical image divided in to 3 parts with 1 filled in representing easy difficulty for recipe


Active Time

clock face showing 12:15

15 Minutes

Inactive Time

clock face showing 12:15

15 Minutes

Total Time

clock face showing 12:45

45 Minutes


Dreyer's Vanilla ice cream or Edy's® Vanilla ice cream


Caramel sauce

Mini marshmallows

Various cookies and candies (for decorating!)


Step 1

Place a scoop of Dreyer's Vanilla ice cream or Edy's® Vanilla ice cream on top of a cupcake with a green wrapper.


Step 2

Drizzle caramel over top of the scoop of ice cream.


Step 3

Stick mini marshmallows onto the ice cream to create the “wool” of the sheep.


Step 4

Use cookies and candies to create the face!