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Mango Lassi Chia Pudding

Breakfast? Lunch? Afternoon snack? Perfect! You're in treat!


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Active Time

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15 Minutes

Inactive Time

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1 Hour

Total Time

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75 Minutes


2 Outshine® Simply Indulgent Mango Bars

2 tablespoon chia seeds 

2 tablespoon coconut yogurt 

1/2 cup coconut milk 

Fresh mango chunks and mint for garnish (optional)


Step 1

Using a high speed blender, add 2 Outshine® Simply Indulgent Mango Bars, coconut yogurt and coconut milk. Blend until smooth.


Step 2

In an airtight container, pour the creamy mango smoothie mix in with chia seeds. Whisk until well combined.


Step 3

Place in the refrigerator for 1 hour or until thick.


Step 4

Divide the chia pudding into jars and garnish with fresh mango chunks and lime before serving. Enjoy!