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Melting Snowman Frosted Cookies

Bring the fun of snowman building indoors with these sweet and silly ice cream treats.


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Active Time

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30 Minutes

Inactive Time

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45 Minutes

Total Time

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75 Minutes


Dreyer's Vanilla ice cream or Edy's® Vanilla ice cream

Sugar cookies (store bought or homemade)

Large marshmallows

Pull-n-Peel Licorice

Mini chocolate chips

Orange sprinkles

Dark brown icing


Step 1

Spread a thick layer of ice cream onto a sugar cookie and place in the freezer to set.


Step 2

In the meantime, decorate a large marshmallow with icing and an orange sprinkle for the nose.


Step 3

When you’re ready to serve, remove from the freezer and add a string of licorice for the scarf and mini chocolate chip buttons!