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Sheet Pan Cookie Dough Sundaes

Don't worry, this sundae can be enjoyed any day of the week!


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Active Time

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5 Minutes

Inactive Time

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10 Minutes

Total Time

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15 Minutes


2 tubs Dreyer’s Slow Churned® Cookie Dough light ice cream or Edy's® Slow Churned® Cookie Dough light ice cream

1 small tub whipped topping


caramel sauce

chocolate sauce

maraschino cherries

2 waffle cones, crushed

(Optional) item*

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Step 1

Let the tubs of ice cream sit on the counter a few minutes until spreadable. Place onto a half sheet pan until nice and even. Sprinkle on the sprinkles, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, and crushed waffle cones.

Step 2

Place back into the freezer to set about 10 minutes.

Step 3

When ready to serve, pipe on the whipped topping and dress with maraschino cherries. Enjoy!