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Watermelonsaurus Snack Plate  

Who said playing with your food was a bad thing? Make snack time even more fun with a treat that Rawrs!


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Active Time

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10 Minutes

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Total Time

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10 Minutes


1 Outshine® Watermelon Frozen Fruit Bar

Fresh cantaloupe

Fresh pineapple



1 googly eye


Step 1

Make dinosaur shapes by cutting cantaloupe into triangles for spikes, leaving one large piece of cantaloupe as the head. Cut pineapples into long triangles for legs and cut a small cut of kiwi for a mouth. Use fun shape cutters to cut kiwis, strawberries and any leftover fruit into flowers, hearts, and mini dinosaurs.

Watermelon Snack Plate Ingredients

Step 2

Using the Outshine® Watermelon Frozen Fruit Bar as the body, assemble the dinosaur on the plate giving a googly eye to the head of the watermelonsaurus. Add all other fruit shapes around the dinosaur for a fun way to snack on fruit.

Watermelon Snack Plate Checkerboard